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BUDDY [May. 24th, 2007|05:57 pm]
Cameron Adams Is Our God


the Travis cover story is so wonderful! "shit, I'm Coldplay's bitch!" - hahaha. aw, I love the entire story, especially those paragraphs about Chris Martin. saying that sounds hilarious in this community, but I REALLY DO. I also love when Fran is comparing Coldplay's sound to the sound of Travis, when he says, "these songs sit in your headphones while you're on the train, one to one."

yay, so exciting. Travis are one of my top Cameron-associated bands, I remember loving The Man Who in 2000 and reading the HiT cover story in which the original CA review from 1999 was reprinted; I didn't remember ever reading the 1999 review (or it being the #1 HiT album of that year - I was probably miffed that it wasn't Savage Garden's Affirmation) but I remember thinking, "OKAY, Cameron Adams is amazing, he acclaimed this album last year." :D


hahaha @ Mika being in Not! "Melbourne not good enough for you, buddy?" yeah, BUDDY?