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Whisper it: you guys are like my internet soul-mates!! [Sep. 29th, 2008|03:32 am]
Cameron Adams Is Our God

Man I hope this fan page is still running...I stumbled upon this site and I'm in heaven hahahaha!!  I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of Cameron Adams!!!!!  I've loved his writing style and (OF COURSE) his reviews ever since 1997 when I first started reading Hit.  I didn't become a fully fledged obsessed reader of Hit until 1999 though, and now I look forward to getting the Herald Sun every Thursday...man I can't believe I've found people who share the same interest!  And HAHAHAHAHAHA you guys hate Neala Johnson's writing too!!  SO DO I - I like to call her "Nothin' Neala" because her reviews do nothing for me and do nothing for Hit hehehehe (poor girl).  Still remember when she gave that crappy Aussie singer Joanne a 3 1/2 star review...eugh.....

But anyways back to Cameron...I was laughing OUT LOUD when I read all the comments on this page...I CANNOT believe that I never looked for like-minded people back in 2005/6/7...you guys had me cracking up...and the Steps review haha...man, I hope I'm not too late...

Here are my fave Cameron-isms:
  • When he gives a good review to a band/artist after previously giving them a shit review, and then saying "this (good new song) almost makes up for the (bad song).  Almost."
  • When he is raving about the smoothness of a particular song and he goes "so smooth that you could land several planes on it"
  • Raving about great ballads that "could melt concrete"
  • Bagging out an artist on the album chart with no personality "Nope, still nothing to say about them"
  • "This should be number 1 for weeks"...my favourite one of all of these types was when he was talking about the awesome Eve/Gwen Stefani track "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" back in 2001 and he said "this should be number 1 for the rest of the year"...
  • His LOVE for pop music...
  • AND when talking about a great JT track he'll usually say it's "the best thing he's done since Britney"...HAHAHA
I could go on but yeah, this guy is an incredibly talented music writer, and he has a way of getting me to buy/download albums that I would otherwise never buy/download - and I rarely ever regret buying/downloading them!  Some examples include Travis' "The Man Who", Muse "Black Holes & Revelations" and Daft Punk's "Discovery"...so many more but it'd take me ages to list them.

I have disagreed with him and been annoyed with him on the very rare occasion:
  • Giving Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "Mixed Up World" 3 1/2 stars when I thought it was so underwhelming
  • He gave Ashlee Simpson's "Piece Of Me" a 2 1/2 star review (I personally loved it) and then proceeded to include it in his top songs of 2004 list 8O
  • He gave All Saints "Pure Shores" 4 stars and then "Black Coffee" 4 1/2 or 5 stars...which is fine of course...but then put "Pure Shores" ahead of "Black Coffee" in the best songs of 2000 list.  And also he put that Victoria Beckham track "Out Of Your Mind" in the top 20 of that 2000 list also when he hadn't given it that good of a review too...those little things annoy me hehe.
  • Being a Christian I don't really feel it's necessary to bag out Hillsong all the time, even though it's sometimes funny haha
Anyways I've rambled on a bit but I hope you guys still read this page and that you keep on going...I hope to interact with you in the future...speaking of the future I'm hoping Mr. Adams will review the following albums soon:

Sugababes - "Catfights & Spotlights"
The Killers - "Day & Age"
the new Franz Ferdinand album
Keane - "Perfect Symmetry"

Hope to hear from someone ANYONE soon....



[User Picture]From: answeringbell
2008-09-29 11:27 am (UTC)

oh god I was going to post in this community last week after reading Cameron's wonderful review of The Killers' "Human", but I forgot. do you know if Bloc Party's "Intimacy" has been reviewed yet? I didn't buy HiT the week after it came out online :(

yes! great ballads melting concrete! or, "if this doesn't melt your heart, see a doctor".

I love the insults towards artists with no personality too, especially when he decides to use their chart comment space for something completely irrelevant to the artist. BRILLIANT.

I would probably never have listened to Travis' "The Man Who" if it wasn't for his fantastic review of it and it's ended up being one of my all time favourites.

hahaha, I don't remember the 3 1/3 review by Neala for Joanne. how hilarious.

I cannot waaaaait for a review of The Killers' "Day & Age".

I don't like extraHIT either, I miss normal HiT. I never read Confidential anyway.
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From: thevidboy
2008-09-29 12:30 pm (UTC)
Yay! Nice to meet you.

YES I read that 4 star review of "Human" and it made me love that song even more. I'd heard it before that and liked it but not loved it...but yeah again Mr Adams opened my ears even more hehe. Just heard the song in the car a few hours ago and thought of his review HAHA.

I've actually got that Bloc Party review in front of me, he gave it 4 stars! I'd downloaded that album about a week before the review and hadn't really listened to it...but lo and behold after reading the "Intimacy" review I listened to it and me likey! And he ended the review with something he likes to say: Bring it on. (he was talking about extra songs on the physical release of the album)

HAHA love it when he ignores the artist in the album chart and talks about someone else...I have to meet this guy one day, it's on my to-do list hehe.

AND YES I would never have listened to Travis too if not for his man-love for them. I only discovered his obsession for them in the year end issue in 1999 when he put "Writing To Reach You" and "Driftwood" as his top 2 songs for the year. To be honest I didn't instantly listen to them despite his love for them. Even when "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" was released in 2000 I didn't particularly get it. BUT then I listened to "Driftwood" AND I read his one-word review of it (PERFECT) and I loved it and the album. He's seriously helped broaden my musical taste and I'm grateful for that.

And Nothin' Neala did give Joanne that review, for a song called "I Don't Know"...travesty. And once she CRIMINALLY (haha) wrote a review on a song ("Sin Sin Sin" by Robbie Williams) 3 weeks after Cam had written a review of the same song! How poxy is that?

One more Cameron-ism:

When talking about a band that has become better musically: "My, how they've grown"

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[User Picture]From: answeringbell
2008-09-29 01:05 pm (UTC)
noooo! shit, I knew I'd missed the Intimacy review. I absolutely love the album, it's really grown on me. 4 stars, YES. which (if any) songs did he mention as stand outs? Zephyrus, surely. Signs? Ion Square? Biko? I need to know. argh. I wasn't a fan of heraldsunhit.com.au, but one thing it was good for was looking up CA reviews online.

oh man, I loved his review of The Man Who (I remember re: Writing To Reach You he wrote, "if this doesn't melt your heart, see a doctor.") and the 5 star one-word review of Driftwood. single word reviews are the best.
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From: thevidboy
2008-09-29 01:21 pm (UTC)
Here's the review:


Bloc Party

Bloc Party fans are kept on their toes. So far, in the UK band's short life, they've regularly changed musical gears and thrown out surprise non-album singles. Now comes a digital curve ball: the band reveals the existence of third album "Intimacy" only days before it lobbed online, just like Radiohead.

Melbourne's indie grapevine buzzed in January when Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke abruptly cancelled a DJ set. Okereke was dating an Australian, meaning he wasn't earning frequent flyer points on band duty alone. The same grapevine heaved with rumours of a split last Christmas (hence the turntable interruptus), one which resonates through "Intimacy".

Indeed "Zephyrus" is a startingly honest relationshiop autopsy fuelled by spooky synths and a choir. It sounds both nothing and everything like Bloc Party. "I'm ashamed of the man I was for you," sings Okereke, who outs himself as the owner of a "distant heart". Fans can debate whether they're part of the song's crux "all you'd say in your quietest voice was 'I needed you as much as they do'".

After flirting with dance and R&B beats in the past (2007 single "The Prayer") "Intimacy" sees them go all the way.

If this digital album had fine print you'd see both their previous album's producers, Jacknife Lee and Paul Epworth, have worked together here...and it shows. It sounds like a revived band heisting electronics to suit them.

The stunning "Ion Square" marries E.E. Cummings' poetry ("I carry your heart here with me") with tales of familiar lovers ("let's stay in and let the TV be our stars"). "Ares" whips up a percussive feat with Okereke's scattergun lyrics dodging guitar riffs, and the rockin' "Halo" will keep the less-open-minded fans happy.

Bruised electro ballad "Biko" has a nod to Kurt Cobain on lyrics that run "was my love not strong enough to bring you back from the dead? If I could eat your cancer I would...I've been writing these songs for you to steal you from your grave". The claustrophobic "Trojan Horse" is a fine mesh of Bloc Party new and old. The jagged guitars of "One Month Off" flash back to their debut album, but some electronic mayhem underneath...and a seriously and surprisingly pop-tastic key change towards the end.

Insiders suggest they've even held on to more singles to add to the physical version of "Intimacy". Bring it on.

The verdict: ****
In a word: tender

And there you go (I couldn't find it online so I just typed it). BTW I love "Biko" too.
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[User Picture]From: answeringbell
2008-09-29 01:27 pm (UTC)
oh man, that is an awesome review. thank you so much for typing it up! I really appreciate it :D

I love his comments on Zephyrus and Ion Square. eh, I love the entire review.

Biko is gorgeous. Talons is fantastic too, apparently it fits in between Zephyrus and Better Than Heaven on the physical release of the album. bring it on indeed :D
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From: thevidboy
2008-09-29 01:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah "Talons" is great! I saw the vid for it on Channel V and thought, awesome, I'll go listen to that again on my iPod...sad to discover that it wasn't on the download version of "Intimacy" :(...oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait.

And no probs about the typing, I loved reading the review again HAHA.
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