I hate the new layout for "HIT" was much better when it was its own magazine and not "extraHIT"...and "Back Room" isn't even on the back page anymore...the only saving grace right now is that CA isn't on holiday at the moment hehe.

Whisper it: you guys are like my internet soul-mates!!

Man I hope this fan page is still running...I stumbled upon this site and I'm in heaven hahahaha!!  I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of Cameron Adams!!!!!  I've loved his writing style and (OF COURSE) his reviews ever since 1997 when I first started reading Hit.  I didn't become a fully fledged obsessed reader of Hit until 1999 though, and now I look forward to getting the Herald Sun every I can't believe I've found people who share the same interest!  And HAHAHAHAHAHA you guys hate Neala Johnson's writing too!!  SO DO I - I like to call her "Nothin' Neala" because her reviews do nothing for me and do nothing for Hit hehehehe (poor girl).  Still remember when she gave that crappy Aussie singer Joanne a 3 1/2 star review...eugh.....

But anyways back to Cameron...I was laughing OUT LOUD when I read all the comments on this page...I CANNOT believe that I never looked for like-minded people back in 2005/6/ guys had me cracking up...and the Steps review, I hope I'm not too late...

Here are my fave Cameron-isms:
  • When he gives a good review to a band/artist after previously giving them a shit review, and then saying "this (good new song) almost makes up for the (bad song).  Almost."
  • When he is raving about the smoothness of a particular song and he goes "so smooth that you could land several planes on it"
  • Raving about great ballads that "could melt concrete"
  • Bagging out an artist on the album chart with no personality "Nope, still nothing to say about them"
  • "This should be number 1 for weeks" favourite one of all of these types was when he was talking about the awesome Eve/Gwen Stefani track "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" back in 2001 and he said "this should be number 1 for the rest of the year"...
  • His LOVE for pop music...
  • AND when talking about a great JT track he'll usually say it's "the best thing he's done since Britney"...HAHAHA
I could go on but yeah, this guy is an incredibly talented music writer, and he has a way of getting me to buy/download albums that I would otherwise never buy/download - and I rarely ever regret buying/downloading them!  Some examples include Travis' "The Man Who", Muse "Black Holes & Revelations" and Daft Punk's "Discovery" many more but it'd take me ages to list them.

I have disagreed with him and been annoyed with him on the very rare occasion:
  • Giving Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "Mixed Up World" 3 1/2 stars when I thought it was so underwhelming
  • He gave Ashlee Simpson's "Piece Of Me" a 2 1/2 star review (I personally loved it) and then proceeded to include it in his top songs of 2004 list 8O
  • He gave All Saints "Pure Shores" 4 stars and then "Black Coffee" 4 1/2 or 5 stars...which is fine of course...but then put "Pure Shores" ahead of "Black Coffee" in the best songs of 2000 list.  And also he put that Victoria Beckham track "Out Of Your Mind" in the top 20 of that 2000 list also when he hadn't given it that good of a review too...those little things annoy me hehe.
  • Being a Christian I don't really feel it's necessary to bag out Hillsong all the time, even though it's sometimes funny haha
Anyways I've rambled on a bit but I hope you guys still read this page and that you keep on going...I hope to interact with you in the future...speaking of the future I'm hoping Mr. Adams will review the following albums soon:

Sugababes - "Catfights & Spotlights"
The Killers - "Day & Age"
the new Franz Ferdinand album
Keane - "Perfect Symmetry"

Hope to hear from someone ANYONE soon....


Darren Hayes

Hey guys
Did you see the Darren Hayes story in Hit yesterday. Cover and 2 page spread, but no album review. Have any of you heard the album yet? The story has got me excited about the song Time Machine
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(no subject),21985,22239099-5006024,00.html

Cameron Adams
August 14, 2007 12:00am

Hayes married Briton Richard Cullen in London last year, but his partner has to travel with him to Australia on a tourist visa.

"It makes me angry and frustrated," the former Savage Garden frontman said yesterday.

"I'm Australian and the way the law sits I can't bring my partner home as my partner.

"That to me is an infringement of my civil rights -- a very un-Australian thing.

"I would never have voted for John Howard and I encourage people not to.

"I don't think he speaks for this country in the same way I don't think George Bush speaks for the US."

Hayes is in Melbourne to promote his new single On the Verge of Something Wonderful, which made its debut at No. 29 in Australia this week and is No. 10 on the UK midweek chart.

His double album, This Delicate Thing We've Made, is to be released on August 20.

"Every time I come home there's this whole kerfuffle," Hayes said.

"We have to get Richard a visa.

"He's my partner, I share my life with him.

"I've inherited all the rights that 'normal' couples have.

"That's my right as a human being. It really annoys me."

Hayes said since coming out last year he has become a default spokesman for gay marriage.

"I love my record, I'd much rather be speaking about my record but at the same time I unwittingly become a spokesperson for something I really do believe in," he said.

"I'm in a loving, stable relationship.

"I love my job more than I ever have, I love my music more than I ever have and it seems to be doing OK at the moment.

Hayes also said he plans to be a father in the future.

"Every day the adoption laws seem to be changed or manipulated to block that dream, but obviously I'd adopt and it won't happen for a while but it's totally going to happen."

Hayes performs at Hamer Hall on October 24.

I love Darren Hayes so fucking much.

He is so going to be the cover story on Thursday. I don't think I've ever been so excited for a cover story! Not even for hilarious Chris Martin ones or amazing Kylie ones (speaking of, how fantastic was last week's letter about Garbage in which the sender said something about Cameron obviously being distracted with the Kylie feature).

I wonder if we'll get an album review on Thursday as well? I will have to resist reading it until Saturday!
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quick, must post about it before tomorrow

loved last week's Kylie cover story SO MUCH. how good was it?!

the On The Verge Of Something Wonderful review was great too. oh my god, less than two weeks since This Delicate Thing We've Made is out. there will have to be a cover story. next week? Ryan Adams interview next week as well?

I hope there's a Bloc Party interview or other post-Splendoury things tomorrow..
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this community has been criminally ignored of late! just out of laziness, though. because you know, at the end of the day,


some things I've been meaning to say:

1) the (not reviewed by Cameron Adams) Ryan Adams album review of Easy Tiger was one of the worst reviews ever. there was no mention of the Cardinals even though it's a Cardinals album, only credited to Ryan because Lost Highway made him. and the songs mentioned in the review: Pearls On A String, Tears Of Gold? what. the two most uninteresting songs on the album. it's as if they were only mentioned so that the reviewer could mention Gram Parsons and bluegrass as references. not one mention of Everybody Knows, or of I Taught Myself How To Grow Old. not even The Sun Also Sets? OMG, Whatever, Etc.? Off Broadway?!

I feel better now. moving on:

2) I hope Cameron interviewed Patrick Wolf! or that there is an album review of The Magic Position. or a review of the Manchester Lane show - it should be in Hot!


3) I really really cannot wait for the inevitable Darren Hayes cover story. it doesn't even exist yet, but I'm super excited about it already. hooray.
when you're young you get sad


the Travis cover story is so wonderful! "shit, I'm Coldplay's bitch!" - hahaha. aw, I love the entire story, especially those paragraphs about Chris Martin. saying that sounds hilarious in this community, but I REALLY DO. I also love when Fran is comparing Coldplay's sound to the sound of Travis, when he says, "these songs sit in your headphones while you're on the train, one to one."

yay, so exciting. Travis are one of my top Cameron-associated bands, I remember loving The Man Who in 2000 and reading the HiT cover story in which the original CA review from 1999 was reprinted; I didn't remember ever reading the 1999 review (or it being the #1 HiT album of that year - I was probably miffed that it wasn't Savage Garden's Affirmation) but I remember thinking, "OKAY, Cameron Adams is amazing, he acclaimed this album last year." :D


hahaha @ Mika being in Not! "Melbourne not good enough for you, buddy?" yeah, BUDDY?